The Planning & Programming division of SJA delivers analytical expertise and targeted solutions relating to time and budgets, enabling clients to advance their projects with confidence and clarity.

SJA houses the top tier of Planning & Programming personnel in the construction industry; professionals in their field with hands-on, proven experience in their niche area. The team leverage exceptional scheduling and analytical capabilities ensuring projects stay on track, amassing a portfolio representative of their diverse and cumulative expertise. Solutions focused, client facing, results driven and well versed in operating from within a wider project team, SJA's planning & programming experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each project undertaken.

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Water Treatment Plant - QLD

Water Treatment Plant - QLD

Program compliance & labour resourcing

The Redcliffe Sewage Treatment Plant is located on the Redcliffe Peninsula in Queensland and services residents and businesses in surrounding suburbs.
In 2017 SJA's Planning & Programming division produced a detailed recovery construction program, identifying a critical path to achieving the earliest possible completion date for each project section.
Program compliance was maintained within the original contract conditions as the team calculated a required delay contingency based on weather statistics for the area.
Staff were trained in the use of P6 software and program analysis at each project phase. Additionally, SJA labour resourced the construction program equipping the client with an understanding of sub-contractor requirements and identifying peak labour demands.

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