The Project Management division of SJA expertly manages all phases of a project life cycle, from inception through to delivery and handover.

Delivering Project Management excellence across specific, specialised areas such as project inception, briefing and design, procurement, risk, contract, governance and completion.
A combination of stringent cost, time and contract management ensures the end project is delivered to the clients' specifications.
Skilled in managing situations and people during the extended process, the team view every project as an opportunity to deliver exceptional work.

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briefing & design management

briefing & design management

Design process management to prepare tender documentation

This is the combination of strategy with design, informing efficient, creative procedures for a structured, methodical approach to brief design and management:

  • Consultant procurement
  • Concept design management
  • Facilitation of user group consultations
  • Policing of design interface
  • Quality & compliance management
  • Due diligence
  • Master planning

The result is tender submission documents enriched with the results of thorough, diligent preparation.

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