The Project Management division of SJA expertly manages all phases of a project life cycle, from inception through to delivery and handover.

Delivering Project Management excellence across specific, specialised areas such as project inception, briefing and design, procurement, risk, contract, governance and completion.
A combination of stringent cost, time and contract management ensures the end project is delivered to the clients' specifications.
Skilled in managing situations and people during the extended process, the team view every project as an opportunity to deliver exceptional work.

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HealthOne Program - NSW

HealthOne Program - NSW

Program management services

HealthOne creates a stronger healthcare system by integrating a range of healthcare service providers. The merger of primary health and community health providers within a single integrated IT environment helps to achieve a greater level of co-ordinated care in the community.

Health Infrastructure NSW engaged SJA to program manage the $100 million development of twenty projects across nine Local Health Districts in NSW.
Known as the SJA Advantage, expert teams across the internal divisions of Quantity Surveying & Cost Planning and Project Management worked cohesively to sucessfully deliver the project.

The SJA Project Management team provided support to Local Health Districts tasked with the planning and delivery of these projects as program guidelines were established.

The SJA Quantity Surveying & Cost Planning division delivered cost management services over three phases: programme initiation, project planning and project delivery.

As a value add, the team developed a template for project level risk management, consistent across HealthOne for the Local Health District Project Managers, standardising risk reporting and mitigation processes at project control group level.



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